E O Ojediran, H K Ibrahim, L O Adebisi, K Y Belewu, S Owolawi


This study analyzed the profitability and determinants of plantain production in the Ife Agricultural Development Project (ADP) zone of Osun State. Three Local Governments areas; Ife South, Ife North and Ife East were randomly chosen from the ADP zone. Thirty (30) plantain farmers were randomly selected per each ADP zone, making a total of 90 plantain farmers households. The questionnaire was used for the purpose of extracting needed information from the respondents. The results showed that plantain production enterprise was male dominated. Majority of the farmers were married and also at their prime age. Most of them (72.2%) have had some form of formal education and also experienced farmers. The cost and returns analysis showed that plantain production is a profitable enterprise accruing back about ₦4 for every naira invested into it. Regression estimates result revealed that the size of farm, age of the farmer, labour, farming experience, access to credit and extension service were the factors affecting plantain production in the study area. Climatic change and variability in the form of heavy wind and rain, lack of capital and credit inaccessibility were identified as the top major constraints to the production of plantain. The study therefore recommends that efforts be mobilized to provide incentives both in cash and kind to the farmers. 

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